From customized conversion vehicles and mobility equipment to van lifts and in-home modifications, Presidential Conversions is equipped to meet your mobility needs.

Whether you’re looking to find or maintain your freedom on the road or at home, we are proud to offer solutions for those facing mobility challenges We understand that quality equipment can help improve one’s quality of life, which is why we are the largest, most respected supplier of mobility products in the state of Arkansas.

Conversion Vans and Van Lifts

At presidential conversions, our flagship item, or the main item that we get requests for and for information on is definitely our wheelchair accessible vehicles.; whether it be side-entry or rear-entry or even a big van with a big lift in the back that can lift like a thousand pounds because some of these power chairs are getting quite heavy.

We also do van lifts in the back of vehicles. If you don’t want a full vehicle conversion, you can get a little joey lift in the back. With a joey lift, the platform comes out, lowers to the ground, you drive your scooter or chair on, and it brings it into the vehicle.

You can also get what they call a Curb-Sider which is like a little crane, and it comes out the back of your vehicle to the curb. You hook it onto your chair or your scooter, and it lifts it into your vehicle just with a toggle, or just the push of some buttons. And no lifting, no maneuvering it. It’s all easy and very simple to do. It’s very easy to operate with massive longevity on it.

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