In the United States alone, 54 million people live with a disability, and 54 million of them should not be ignored. This month, we choose to celebrate Mobility Awareness by bringing attention to our life-changing mobility solutions available to make independence more accessible. We also want to celebrate the ways in which people living with disabilities persevere and triumph over their physical challenges.  

Whether you’re looking to find or maintain your freedom on the road or at home, Presidential Conversions is proud to offer solutions for those facing mobility challenges, from home modifications, mobility equipment, and conversion vehicles. We understand that quality equipment can help improve one’s quality of life, which is why we are the largest, most respected supplier of mobility products in the state of Arkansas.

We understand that purchasing mobility equipment can be a heavy financial burden, but we offer assistance. There are several financing options from government funding, rebate options, and grants available. Read our latest blog about one US Military Veteran who was able to afford a conversion van through a VA Disability Grant!

If you’d like to learn more about the mobility products we offer here at Presidential Conversions, contact us today and let us help you or a loved one break down their barriers.