When it comes to choosing a wheelchair, you have tons of options, and sometimes too many options can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help! Wheelchairs come in many styles and models to suit a user’s individual needs, but they can really be broken down into two primary categories: manual chairs and power chairs. First and foremost, you must keep in mind your general health and lifestyle demands in order to choose the best chair for you. Let’s discuss!

Manual Chairs

The great thing about manual wheelchairs is that they are typically lightweight and most are foldable. This is a great feature for those who often travel or depend on public transportation. These chairs are often lower in cost in comparison to power chairs. They also have fewer parts than power chairs, which means less maintenance is needed. Manual chairs, however, are better suited for those who have considerable upper body strength as you will have to use your hand and shoulders to maneuver it. The downside? Long travels using this style of chair can become tiresome.

Power Chairs

Power wheelchairs (often just referred to as power chairs) come with many options within itself. Some come with recline and tilt options that make it easier to move on steep hills. These chairs come with a joystick or a touchpad that allows you to easily maneuver the chair and switch speeds. Since power chairs come with different speeds, you can get places faster and travel for longer, unlike manual chairs. Power chairs are also able to smoothly go across various surfaces other than the pavement, such as grass or dirt. Powerchairs are, however, heavier and not easily transported in a vehicle without a van lift or conversion van.

Before you purchase a wheelchair, talk to your doctor to get the best advice as to which chair will best suit your needs. Also, ask our staff for assistance. We are the oldest and most respected supplier of mobility services and equipment in the state of Arkansas. If you would like to speak to someone to learn more about our manual and power chair options, click here.