Quality mobility products are available at our Presidential Conversions Fayetteville location. Our products include van lifts, wheelchair securements, transfer seat systems, and more. Check out our broad selection, and see how these products can make your life easier today!

Van Lifts

Van lifts are one of our quality mobility products that are essential for traveling. We sell five leading van lift brands including BraunAbility, Ricon, Handicaps, Inc, Harmar and Bruno. BraunAbility is the world leader in wheelchair equipment, including lifts. Ricon’s lifts are known for their innovation and easy accessibility.

Handicaps, Inc. eases wheelchair users’ ability to get in and out of vans. Bruno is a U.S based family-owned business that has been helping people with limited mobility for over 35 years. Lastly, Harmar offers many automation options including manual, partially and fully automatic securement and lifting. Ask us today about our van lift installation services.

Wheelchair Securement

Our wheelchair securements are created to make you feel secure while riding or driving an accessible vehicle. The wheelchair securements brands we offer include EZ Lock, Sure-Lok, and Q’Straint. Choose from a variety of products by Sure-Lok or search for affordable securements like Q’Straint. Have questions? Give us a call today at (479) 521-8433.

Transfer Seat Systems

You might be interested in one of our quality mobility products that allow you to transfer from your wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle effortlessly. In this case, our transfer seats are what you need. We are proud to offer B&D Independence and Bruno Valet Signature Seating transfer seat systems.

Stair Lifts

Our quality mobility products meet the highest standards of stair lifts with their durability and comfort. A stair lift system can be a total game-changer for those unable to safely move up and down a staircase. The Bruno Elite Curved Stair Lifts are custom built to fit and accommodate your home and lifestyle.

Vehicle Hand Controls/Driving Aids

Amongst our quality mobility products are a wide variety of vehicle hand controls made by Sure Grip, Wells-Engberg, Creative Controls, and more. We understand the importance of your independence behind the wheel and are ready to customize the controls you need to get on the road.


Another one of our quality mobility products is our stair ramps. Our American and Harmar ramps simplify the travel process from upstairs to downstairs. American stair ramps are the top-selling ramps in North America, and Harmar ramps offer versatility at home or while traveling.

Lift Chairs

Our lift chairs can be tilted forward to assist the person in standing up. We carry the two leading lift chair brands; Med-Lift and Pride Lift Chairs. Med-Lift’s chairs are one of the highest quality chairs in the world. Pride Mobility is also known worldwide as a leading mobility product manufacturer.

We are proud to offer an amazing selection of quality mobility products created by the best mobility brands in the world. If you are interested in learning more, browse our inventory online at https://accesspci.com/mobility-products/.