In this age of ever-growing social media gurus and continuously changing online business tactics, it is our goal to genuinely connect with our customers, share in their successes and provide them with the tools they need to truly live a better life.  While it is rare these days to receive a piece of mail enveloping a heartwarming customer testimonial, online comments and reviews allow us to share our client’s experiences, both positive and negative. They also allow us to better learn how to help and assist our customers outside of the office.

Recently, while thinking about how we could better serve our customers, the postman slipped a letter on our desk. Upon opening it, we received one of the kindest notes regarding one of our team members, and we just had to share her story.

Presidential Conversions Customer Testimonial

Ms. Soto was visiting friends in the are and needed to return home to care for an ailing parent. Upon leaving, Ms. Soto’s wheelchair ramp failed. After countless attempts to fix the ramp, her friends began calling around to see if any local businesses could help; Unfortunately, it was noon on Sunday, and no one was in the office. Ms. Soto’s friends received voicemail after voicemail.

Minutes after getting the Presidential Conversions voicemail, Newton, one of our technicians, reached out to Ms. Soto and her party. He was able to talk them through the steps to get the ramp working again, and within 20 minutes Ms. Soto was ready to roll. When asked about payment, there was none. We were simply happy to help. That’s just the PCI way.

Welcome to the family, Ms. Soto!  We are proud to call you a Presidential Conversions Jonesboro customer.

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